Intelligent retail CRM platform

Connect every part of your business on a single

Deliver intelligent, personalized, and connected customer experiences at every stage of the shopper journey from awareness to purchase, service, brand advocacy, and beyond. Easily manage one-on-one shopper journeys at scale and in real time. Unify the entire shopper experience across channels, service, and commerce.

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Maximize efficiency, improve profits, increase margins and reduce shrink with MARS Prescriptive Analytics. The latest addition to our MARS RETAILER platform, this robust retail software solution analyzes data identifying opportunities for improvement. It then sends a plain-text prescriptive action directly to an appropriate stakeholder, telling them exactly how to respond. No more complex reports, just simple actions that improve your retail edge.

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Your Complete Retail Management Solution

Retail Solutions provide complete, easy-to-use software for local and independent retailers. Top features and capabilities include: Easy to setup and use, Learn or train staff in minutes, Retail anywhere mobility, Real-time insight in and across your business.