MARS Educare System

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Educare System
by MARS Information System / on 2 Sep, 2019

Ensure the safety of students with state-of-the-art security measures including GPS tracking, RFID and biometric devices and visitor management system.

Educare System

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Educare System

With NextERP School Management Software

NextERP's exhasuive modules cover all aspects of the administration of the school or a group of schools: Attendance, Examination, Student, Fee Collection, Transport, Payroll, Communication.

Educare System

Attendance is taken instantly via RFID readers and updated instantly in the system and parent app. It helps maintain attendance records efficiently and gets rid of piles of paperwork. Teachers spend zero time taking attendance in class.

Reduce manual or spreadsheet-based jobs by more than 50% by using one virtual office system to support all types of academics and administrative processes.

by Dr. K. Rastogi

Augment parental involvment in a student's education with customised parent app, regular notifications and reports, improved communication features, etc.