Development Process

AGILE Methodology

6 Stages of Software Development

Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. It is a way of dealing with, and ultimately succeeding in, an uncertain and turbulent environment.
There's a big focus in the Agile software development community on collaboration and the self-organizing team.


Agile Glossary

Learn the unique terminology used in Agile development with this comprehensive glossary from the experts at Agile Alliance.

Agile Manifesto

The Agile Manifesto was written in 2001 by 17 independent-minded software practitioners. While the participants didn't often agree, they did find consensus around four core values.

The 12 Principles

The 12 Principles Behind the Agile Manifesto are the guiding practices that support teams in implementing and executing with Agility.


Agile 101

Agile Development is a set of methods and practices where solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. Agile 101 provides a detailed introduction.

Introductory Videos

Every year at our annual Conference, we invite Agile thought leaders to present sessions on different aspects of Agile fundamentals.

Subway Map

The Subway Map to Agile Practices shows how the practices from the various Agile "tribes"" or areas of concern are interconnected.

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A full-stack developer has all the keys to the house - there is no door that you cannot open. It provides an unparalleled freedom to simultaneously work on front-end and back-end development and evaluate the capabilities and potential of your website in real-time without having to wait for another developer to review if what you're desiring is possible or not.

Full stack